“As a creative marketing & events director, you are relied upon the talent and professionalism of the artists you work with to make your events a success. Terri is as professional as she is creative. Her abilities and talent are by far the most entertaining of any event. I have had the distinct please in working with Terri on many creative ART projects here in Louisville, KY.  And I would like to say she is hands down one of the most professional, genuine and creative artists I have had the pleasure of befriending. “

Shawn Pierson

Louisville, Kentucky

"Combining jaw-dropping performances, mind-blowing skill what seems to be the greatest of ease, Terri Kendall has dazzled thousands of folks of all ages at our festival the Mighty Kindness Hoots. We are continually in wonder at her awe-inspiring feats of aerial artistry, so magnificently executed that she is always a crowd favorite and a huge draw to our festival. We are also deeply grateful for her professional work ethic. Her ability to create magic from thin air leaves a lasting impression on all lucky enough to witness her tremendous strength, grace and gravity-defying dance. She is a magic-making shape-shifter, a one woman circus, who can turn an empty space into a carnival of dreams." Aim Me Smiley founder of the Mighty Kindness.

Aim Me Smiley

Mighty Kindness Hoot

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