About Us

Terri Kendall, mother of two daughters and school psychologist for 22 years, is also a passionate aerialist and instructor who has trained in various cities with a variety of instructors in the USA for the past six years.  She has performed at theaters, clubs, bars, festivals, and churches with local circuses, bands, musicians, DJs, magicians, and burlesque troupes.  Her specialties in aerial performing include aerial rope, static trapeze, aerial fabric, lyra, and Spanish web, but she has also performed partner acro, pole, duo trapeze, duo lyra, aerial straps, rings, and aerial pole.  Terri instructs regularly at Turners Circus in Louisville, Kentucky and also travels to teach at workshops in other towns. Terri is the owner of XALT is a company that performs and trains aerials, educates others about emotional wellness, and inspires others to live to their mental and physical potential.  She recently published her first book on emotional wellness called Be Your Best Self, A Holistic Plan for Emotional Wellness.

We all have the power within ourselves to feel better, think powerfully, behave appropriately, and respond to people and situations effectively in order to live a more fulfilling, empowering life.  Here is a workbook I created to help you Be Your Best Self.  It is a holistic plan for emotional wellness.

Be Your Best Self, A Holistic Plan for Emotional Wellness