Instruction & Training

Terri has received New England Center for Circus Arts teacher training in both aerial fabric/silks and static trapeze.  She has her Aerial Teacher Certification through NECCA and constantly trains regularly to be the best performer and instructor.  She currently teaches at Turners Circus.  She performers regularly in Louisville and in neighboring towns and states.

Aerial Fabric/Silks


This is a special fabric for acrobatic moves that require much strength, dexterity, and flexibility. One can do poses, climb, and drops, 



Aerial Rope/Spanish Web


This is a long rope stuffed with cotton and suspended from overhead rigging for acrobatic moves that require much strength. A small loop can be attached for one's wrist or ankle for a variety of tricks and spins, which makes the apparatus a Spanish Web.



Static Trapeze


This consists of a bar about 2 feet wide with rope attached at both ends for a variety of acrobatic moves on the bar, under the bar, or on the ropes.  Moves can consist of flexible poses, thrilling rolls/circles, and surprising wraps and transition.

Aerial Hoop/Lyra


This is steel hoop about 3 feet in diameter attached to one or two ropes.  Performance consists of fun rolls/circles, flexible poses, and creative transitions and moves.




Getting fit can be fun!  You can get in shape while having fun on a variety of apparatuses as well as using body weight exercises.

Private Lessons


Terri is available for private lessons in aerial arts as well as helping improve strength and flexibility.

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